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We call ourselves resourcers as we contribute to supplying the world with resources and preserving them sustainably every day.
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We see the world as it should be, not just as it is. 

Our success is based on the technical excellence and competence of our employees, whom we refer to as "resourcers". Being a resourcer at Veolia means working for a company that places great value towards a good and solution-oriented cooperation, as well as mindful handling of resources.

For successful collaboration, our employees stand for the following values

Responsibility: We commit to the company and are concerned about its image, we continuously expand our competences and we pay attention to the health and safety conditions within our workplace.

Solidarity: We are helpful to our colleagues and commit to our team. We can always rely on each other.

Respect: We accept diversity and maintain respectful interaction with each other. Politeness, tolerance, fairness and recognition play a major role at our workplace.

Innovation: We make suggestions for improvement and bring in new ideas. These can for example be suggestions for a new product or a more efficient approach. Especially through digitalization - in connection with globalization - evolutionary changes are the order of the day.

Customer orientation: We listen carefully to internal and external customers and strive to meet the technical, economic, ecological and social expectations by providing appropriate and innovative solutions.

We are optimistic - We never give up - We move forward together