Veolia in Austria

Veolia Industries Austria offers numerous solutions for industrial customers in the areas of water, energy and waste.
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is a subsidiary of Veolia Industries Global Solutions and was founded in 2016. With 180 employees and a turnover of 33.5 million euros, Veolia Industries Austria offers services specialising in energy, water and waste management for industrial customers.
Veolia Industries Austria works on your challenges to master the ecological change of your production. Veolia's global solution competence helps industrial customers to work in an economically, ecologically and sustainably optimised way.

We optimise your industrial plants and make effective use of the available resources.

Veolia Industries Austria

is a listed company based in Paris with around 220,000 employees worldwide. It draws on 170 years of experience in the fields of energy, water and waste management. The many years of expertise and the resulting ability to develop innovative solutions make Veolia a valuable partner for industry.


Veolia Gruppe

"Veolia Industries' response to environmental footprint reduction projects is not simply limited to a diagnosis, but extends from the planning to the implementation of the projects on site, including the measurement of the efficiency gained.
When the optimisation of industrial production processes goes hand in hand with the necessary reduction of their environmental footprint, the purpose of our work is fulfilled." 

Emmanuelle Danichert-Zanters

CEO Alpine Region and Business Development

Portraitfoto von Emmanuelle Danichert-Zanters

“For me, Veolia has an important role to play in promoting a sustainable future. The company is actively committed to protecting the environment and working to utilise resources efficiently. Veolia offers customised solutions for various industries and helps companies achieve their environmental goals.”


Severine Cabon

Site Head Austria

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"Veolia embodies responsibility, sustainability and innovation. We are committed to providing customised solutions for our customers that have a positive impact on society and the environment. 
We achieve this through the use of advanced technologies, audits and quality controls to optimise operations and ensure high standards."


Klaus Ebner

Managing Director Sales & Marketing

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