Extra week off

We work nine minutes longer every day to enjoy 4.5 extra days off (familiarisation days) per year. 

Annual bonus

In addition to your salary, you will receive an annual variable bonus, which is influenced by you and our business success. 

Company pension scheme

After one year of employment, Veolia Austria pays into a private pension scheme in addition to your salary.  

Additional accident insurance

From the first day of employment, you are covered by Veolia Austria's supplementary accident insurance, both professional and private. 

Reduced lunch

You can choose between three menus in the canteen on the company premises. Veolia Austria supports you with 50% of the costs. 

Payment of travel costs (bus/train) within Tyrol

Depending on the distance to the place of work, the costs are covered by a regional or Tyrol ticket.

Home Office

Depending on the position, there is the possibility of a home office. 

4-day workweek

Depending on the position, there is the possibility of a 4-day workweek (38h)

Company celebrations, team events, vouchers

To promote team spirit, we organise joint events and activities every year. At Christmas, you can look forward to a small thank-you gift in the form of vouchers.