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How do we work?

Every industrial company is facing the challenge of rethinking many processes due to the current conditions. In the current environment, industrial companies are still under pressure to generate profits. The pressure to survive economically often stands in contrast to issues such as the reduction of greenhouse gases, circular economy, digitalisation, etc. 
In order to produce products cost-effectively and without compromising on quality, you need a partner like Veolia, which enables you to continue to focus on your core business. We offer numerous approaches to customise our service to your requirements. Here is a brief overview of our approach:


Our service 
from a high degree of 
of reliability

The efficiency of your assets

Existing Assets do not necessarily have to be replaced. There are often many solutions available to increase efficiency.

One partner on site

Our teams are on site to ensure your operational safety. They respond quickly to your requirements with numerous solutions.

Projects in a complex environment

Our experts can support you with challenging projects. With our experience in engineering and operations, our team delivers the right options for complex decisions.

One point of contact

This enables us to increase response times. One contact takes care of project management and keeps you informed about the current situation of your project.

Digitalisation as a strategy

Our service is designed to provide you with industrial services that are state of the art. For example our management tool, Hubgrade, allows you to quickly retrieve information from your plant to make quick decisions.

two veolia employees on site


We pay attention to quality and safety

In addition to our certifications and quality assurance measures, we focus on continuous training and further professional development. This enables us to offer you the best possible service. That is our claim. Our customers rely on this.

Our customers benefit from

  • a single point of contact for integrated solutions
  • global expertise
  • technically innovative expertise
  • flexible organisational models, tools and methods
  • digitalised service strategies
  • the highest safety-, quality- and environmental standards

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001