Apprentice Premiums

In addition to the company benefits apprentices receive:

Vocational training school

We cover the costs for the boarding school or the additional costs for travel to and from the vocational training school.


1. Certificate bonuses:

If you are successful you will receive a one-time bonus for the

  • Half-yearly certificate: EUR 100 gross
  • Annual certificate: EUR 100 gross

in addition to the apprenticeship compensation. 

If your trainer gives you an additional positive assessment, you will receive an additional EUR 100 gross once per school year.


2. Final apprenticeship examination:

  • If you pass your final apprenticeship examination with excellent results (grade point average < 1.5 without a grade 4 - sufficient) we will pay for your driving licence. The premium of EUR 250 gross according to the collective agreement is included.
  • If you pass your final apprenticeship examination with good results (grade point average < 2.0 without a grade 4 - sufficient) you will receive a premium of EUR 200 gross.

Internship abroad

We would also like to offer you the opportunity to gain experience abroad during your 4th year of apprenticeship. The duration and location will be agreed individually with the HR department.

Important: The internship abroad may not take place during the vocational training school period.

Apprenticeship with matriculation certificate

According to the motto "You never stop learning" Veolia would also like to offer you the opportunity to combine your apprenticeship with the matriculation certificate.

If you are interested please discuss this with the HR department or your trainer and we will take the next steps.

Apprentice ticket

As an apprentice you have the opportunity to apply for the school and apprenticeship ticket for the distance from your place of residence to the school or training facility and back for a special price for apprentices. The ticket must be confirmed by the school. The application forms are available at the schools or at the VVT Customer Centre.

If you want to be mobile all year round, including weekends and holidays throughout Tyrol, you can buy the SchulPlus and LehrPlus Ticket - virtually the annual ticket for children and young people - for a special price for apprentices. The Plus-Ticket is available for everyone under 18 years of age in the VVT Ticket-App on the App Store and Google Play.

Information meeting with the parents

Once a year we invite your parents to an optional meeting. Here we will talk about your current performance at our company.


After you have completed your time in a department, a discussion about your performance will take place with the responsible expert, the respective group leader and your trainer. This is how we want to find out your strengths for promoting you in the best possible way