Decarbonising production processes through innovative technologies
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Decarbonisation in a challenging environment

Implementing sustainability strategies in existing processes is a challenge faced by industrial locations. The rapid development of the global market means that European business locations are also under increased pressure. Not only economically, but also in terms of regulation. Implementing a suitable decarbonisation strategy will help you to improve the image of your company in many areas. Take the opportunity to realise the potential of current developments for your company.

Does a decarbonised industrial process come with high costs?

No, by using your resources more efficiently, you can achieve higher profits in the long term. Although the conversion of your processes is associated with costs, as an expert Veolia can offer you the best solution to fulfil this goal.


Is my production at risk due to decarbonisation?

Veolia is taking this approach in numerous business areas. The continuity of your processes and production is our top priority.
We work very closely with our customers to understand and adapt local conditions to the new challenges.

What are other advantages that speak in favour of climate-neutral production?

There is no way around the regulatory requirements and pressure from customers.

  • The majority of customers pay attention to sustainably produced products. 
  • The positive perception of your company in society increases.
  • Younger people are increasingly deciding to work for a sustainable company.

But it's not just the ecological and economic benefits that you can influence. You can actively contribute to leaving an intact world for future generations. 
You and your company can make a positive impact for generations to come.

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Our Solution for CO2-Reduction

Veolia has extensive experience in the operation of heating and cooling networks for cities, municipalities and industrial customers. We know how to utilise this experience and create the optimum operating conditions for your system.


Energy management

We always take care not to interfere with your production processes. The challenge of adapting existing infrastructure to current requirements is possible with the help of our solutions.
We consider all material flows of your plants (water, energy, waste, etc.) in order to develop potentials for resource optimisation. Our aim is to achieve a reduction in CO2 with an increase in performance and a simultaneous reduction in costs.



The challenge for our customers is not only to achieve climate-neutral production, but also to be able to prove the reductions. Veolia works to ensure that you can not only reduce your legal requirements for reducing your greenhouse gas emissions and footprint, but also measure and visualise them.
In turn, we use the results to work out further improvements.


Greenhouse gas emissions
measure and certify