Veolia UK | Veolia commences major upgrade to the Vartry Water Treatment Plant

Waste water treatment

Collecting wastewater from millions of domestic and industrial users to send it back to nature or give it a second life are Veolia’s historic and essential missions.

How we can help?


As a world leader in water treatment and reuse we can work with your teams to design, build, operate and maintain everything from small decentralised water systems up to large recycling or treatment plants. Our innovative technologies and water solutions are as suited for sustainable cities as they are for rural or remote communities and Industries. 

Water companies need to deal with the daily challenges of all aspects of wastewater treatment while protecting the local environment. 

Each and every day we help water companies to deal with the most difficult compliance, regulatory and environmental targets and treatment challenges.


How do we create value for you?


The challenge as we see it:

Water is a precious resource and in many areas, under stress. Industries look to keep this resource clean and safe as a priority for future generations. Maximizing the reusability while minimizing treatment costs are not mutually exclusive goals.

We believe in long-term partnerships built on trust and proven performance to help industries maximize water resources. This creates a competitive advantage for those organizations that are able to do more, create more and produce more – with less water impact.

Wastewater is loaded with many materials that can have economic or environmental value. Veolia has developed solutions that transform the sanitation by-products of sludge, sand or grease into raw materials that can be reused or resold by communities and manufacturers.