Process maintenance and engineering

Operational engineering of process plants across all disciplines: Mechanics, electrical engineering, process control engineering, automation and instrumentation.


Execution of all maintenance tasks across all disciplines to minimize downtime of your equipment for maintenance:
-process control engineering and instrumentation calibration
-electrical engineering



How we can help? 

  • Engineering for different projects: Optimization, Compliance, Modernization, Extension, etc.
  • Maintenance organization and planning via (CMMS -Computerized Maintenance Management System):
    • planned preventive maintenance
    • reactive maintenance
    • troublehootig
  • Change- and Risk management: Investigations and Deviations
  • Monitoring and Reporting:
    • Cost control
    • analysis
    • tracking budgeting
    • Monitoring Over dues (Work Order)
    • Maintenance Controlling KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Tracking
  • Technical Change Control
  • Life Cycle Documentation
  • Optimization & harmonization Tasks -Repairs and Qualification


How do we create value for you?

Well educated and trained on HSE quality and legal requirements.
Long Term experience and Knowledge with Process plants and Equipment.