Process maintenance and engineering

Plant Engineering and Maintenance for process plants and production buildings.

Performing and planning of all maintenance, preventive maintenanace and repair tasks of production and office buildings across most work centers

- mechanics

- process control technology automation instrumentation calibration

- electrical engineering

- Engineering for Optimization- , Compliance-, Modernization-, Extension etc.Projects (capital investments )

- Maintenance organization and –planning via ( SAP ) ...preventive maintenance reactive maintenance troublehootig. Change- and Risk management Investigations and Deviations

- Monitoring and Reporting Cost control / analysis / tracking budgeting Monitoring Over dues (Work Order) Maintenance Controlling KPI Tracking

- Technical Change Control

- Life Cycle Documentation

- Optimization & harmonization Tasks

- Repairs and Qualification

How we can help? 


Our team ensures minimization of plant downtime for maintenance work. Better operating conditions and availability of the plants.


How do we create value for you?

Well educated and trained on HSE Quality and Legal requirements. Long Term experience and Knowledge with all our Process plants and Equipment.