Pumps and E-Motors

Workshop for testing and repairs of pumps and electric motors


Overhaul of pumps and pump parts such as mechanical seals. Periodic testing of electric motors (especially in explosion-proof areas) including overhaul and replacement of wearing parts.



How we can help? 

Many decades of knowledge and experience can be found in our pump workshop. Our employees have specialized in the repair and general overhaul of high-quality production pumps. All pumps are carefully disassembled, cleaned and inspected by us. After consultation with the customer, the wear parts are renewed or newly manufactured in our mechanical workshop. After completion of the work, various tests (leak test, liter capacity, etc.) are carried out before the pump is sent back to the customer. Recently we have also started to offer testing and overhauling of electric motors in this group. With this additional service we can now handle the maintenance and repair of the complete motor-pump unit. This not only saves time and money, but also minimizes the error rate in maintenance. Of course we also service electric motors which are used in Ex-zones.


How do we create value for you?

Basically we see ourselves as a competence center for pump and motor repairs. After prior clarification, customers can have the corresponding units delivered to our workshop or have them picked up. If there is no staff available for dismantling and installation, we will be happy to assist you. It is often difficult to get spare parts for pumps in an adequate time. Exactly here we play out our strengths. Our workshops are equipped with the latest machines and so we can produce urgently needed spare parts directly in our company. Furthermore we also offer the revision of mechanical seals (lapping). So often pumps can be repaired without having to buy expensive spare parts. Due to the certification in the field of motor inspection (EN 60079) we are able to offer the customer an "All-Inclusive" package and take care of the overhaul of motor-pump combinations.