Forklifts and Storage Systems

Workshop for testing and repairs of forklifts, stacker cranes and logistics machines


Inspection, maintenance and repairs on forklifts, pallet trucks, stacker cranes as well as packaging machines and conveyors in logistics areas.



How we can help? 

Our experts in the area of fleet management take care of all concerns around the topic of warehouse & logistics equipment. In particular, we have focused on the inspection, maintenance and repair of forklift trucks, pallet trucks, stacker cranes, conveyors and packaging machines. Here we gladly take over any coordination of the maintenance measures and also offer 1st level repairs directly.
Of course, we are also happy to advise our clients on the specification and purchase process of forklift trucks and logistics machines and are available to answer detailed questions regarding maintenance and leasing contracts.


How do we create value for you?

We take care of the whole package. From scheduled maintenance to inspection appointments, they get all activities from a single source. This ensures that no appointments are missed and their vehicles and machines are available for daily work.