Mechanical Manufacturing and Repair Service

Mechanical fabrication and sheet metal fabrication as well as repairs of mechanical equipment components


Planning, design and manufacture of mechanical components as prototypes and in small series by using production machines. Repair service for plant components and/or assemblies such as gearboxes, bearings, fixtures, etc.



How we can help? 

The team of the Mechanical Manufacturing Group has many years of experience and expert knowledge in the field of parts manufacturing and repair of plant components. For this purpose, a wide range of processing machines are available in our workshops. In addition to the classic manufacturing processes, such as turning, milling, drilling, sawing, grinding and polishing, we also offer very special services such as flame spraying and laser engraving. Of course, we also have highly trained employees for the various welding processes in our team. Our workshop team is also happy to take on various mechanical repair work on plant parts or machine components. We can offer any kind of work, from gearbox repair, to the exchange of bearing units, to the repair or assembly of fall protection devices.


How do we create value for you?

Many suppliers in the field of machine manufacturing are only interested in large series. This is exactly where we see our great strength. Together with the client, we conduct a consultation and get a picture of the requirements for components or services. We are happy to contribute our special knowledge in the area of material selection or design and produce a prototype or even small series for you.