Measurement and control technology for heating, air conditioning, ventilation, sanitary provisions

Calibration and maintenance activities on measurement, control and regulation systems for room conditioning systems.

How we can help? 

Execution of all maintenance tasks across all disciplines:

  • mechanics
  • process control technology and instrumentation calibration
  • electrical engineering


How do we create value for you?

Our process control engineers supplement the mechanical side of the building systems and offer all work in the field of measurement, control, regulation and electrical engineering for these systems. 


  • Engineering for Optimization- , Compliance-, Modernization-, Extension etc.Projects (capital investments )
  • Maintenance organization and –planning via ( SAP ) ...preventive maintenance reactive maintenance troublehootig.
  • Change- and Risk management Investigations and Deviations
  • Monitoring and Reporting, Cost control / analysis / tracking budgeting, Monitoring Over dues (Work Order) Maintenance Controlling KPI Tracking
  • Technical Change Control 
  • Life Cycle Documentation  
  • Optimization & harmonization Task
  •  Repairs and Qualification 


Many mechanical plant components in the HKLS technology also require support from the electrical engineering or measurement and control technology departments. It is precisely these services that our specialists from the HKLS MSR-Technik team cover. 
From the recurring testing and calibration or adjustment of the sensors (measuring point maintenance), through signal processing, to the operation of the building control system, our employees have a wide range of know-how and many years of experience. 
Of course, we also offer complete electrotechnical maintenance and repair work for the various components, such as testing of RCD circuit breakers, repair switches, limit switches of fire dampers or testing of electric motors (also in Ex areas).