Installations and building technology

Inspection and maintenance activities on heating, ventilation and sanitary installations


The installation and building services team offers all work in the field of heating systems (low pressure), ventilation systems and fire dampers, sanitary engineering (water and sewage) and steam and condensate engineering.



How we can help? 

Our installation and building technicians have excellent training and many years of experience in the field of building and industrial technology. This allows us to offer the following services on the market:

  • New installation, as well as maintenance and repair work on water systems (drinking water, process water, etc.) including water treatment plants - New installation, as well as maintenance and repair work on sewer systems (incl. extruder welding of plastic pipes and containers)
  • Inspection, maintenance and repair work on ventilation systems including fire damper testing according to ÖNORM
  • Renovation of toilets, showers and wet areas
  • New installation, as well as maintenance and repair work on low-pressure heating systems of all types


Especially in the field of steam and condensate technology, our employees have excellent expert knowledge and offer the following services:

  • Steam trap tests including energy loss calculation
  • Inspection, adjustment and sealing of safety valves on the test bench
  • Gernal overhaul of steam control components (valves, pressure regulators, etc.)


How do we create value for you?

With our specialists from the various areas of building services engineering, we cover almost all subject areas and can offer the customer a complete service from a single source.
You have a technical system for room conditioning - no problem! As one team we take care of the cooling, heating, humidification, ventilation, fire protection flap, measurement and control components and the interface to the fire alarm system.