Gas- & fire alarm systems

Testing and maintenance activities on gas and fire alarm systems.

How we can help? 

Our technicians advise specialist planners on the design and implementation of fire and gas detection systems. Furthermore, we offer maintenance, repair and testing activities or coordinate and accompany revisions of the accredited test centres.


How do we create value for you?


Our employees in the gas and fire alarm technology group are very familiar with the legal and technical requirements for a gas or fire alarm system and are well aware of the obligations of the owner.
We offer our services to owners of commercial or industrial buildings as early as the project phase and support the various specialist planners in planning and implementing the often complicated requirements for such systems. 
Of course, we are also happy to coordinate and accompany the acceptance tests or recurring inspections of the fire alarm systems (in accordance with TRVB 123S) and, depending on the make and model, we also offer field device maintenance including troubleshooting and repairs.