Predictive Technology: ultrasonic for air leakage detection.

The challenge

Boosting predictive technologies usage on site, where energy and maintenance teams are working together to design a program for removing compressed air leakages, exploring all potential of the ultrasonic portable device to detect and later fixing the identified criticalities along the compressed air distribution pipeline on site, matching Client expectations to reduce operational cost while increasing the overall environmental footprint of the site.

The solution

Several steps were defined to have full site availability of expert resources, tools in use, controls process and Client reporting experience as follow.

  • training of several Veolia technicians on site, in both energy and maintenance teams with the aim to structure an insourced expertise for the usage of the ultrasonic inspection device, which is a mobile predictive solution applied on equipment up & running (usable also for other purpose rather than air leakage)
  • defining a single point person to coordinate the entire program and planning all activities, integrating the predictive work with ongoing preventive system on site while uploading the CMMS (computerized maintenance management software)
  • moving the vision of the maintenance from time based to condition based, planning interventions in the distribution line against on line inspections executed with ultrasonic probe

Value delivered

After 6 months from the implementation of this program, the team has been able to identify and removed a total of 150.000 mc of air leakages across the inspected pipeline of compressed air on site (distribution network only). Significant reduction of operational expenses and air emissions, as well as increase level of safety for operators and employees on site.

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