Case History 2: Digital Asset Management: vibration monitoring via IoT

The challenge

Within the technical scope of Veolia operations & maintenance team on site, we have several critical equipment subject to continuous inspections and review of vibration standards. We have identified the opportunity to implement a project for two different plants, installing digital remote monitoring solution and testing outcomes, after an initial comparison of available technologies on the market

The solution

Installation of state of the art system to monitor equipment vibration remotely, with a simple solution based on sensor / battery unit / gateway and transmitter, cloud based. The plants identified are related with screw compressor and water pumps, part of the critical equipment list on site, thus with direct impact on operational cost and corrective maintenance effort.

Value delivered

Scope and success criteria as follow:

  • Vibration data are available real time remotely to “end device”
  • Simple system and easy to install
  • Sensors are sensitive and well registering any deviation from standard
  • Information are filled automatically by using serial number of the equipment (i.e. pumps monitored)
  • Potential wide applicability of the same solution to other critical equipment on site subject to critical vibration effort leading to maintenance purpose

Ongoing redesign of the maintenance program moving from time based to condition based, with direct impact on cost reduction and improved reliability of the equipment.

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