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About us

Austrian Resourcer

In a world where needs are increasing while the planet's reserves are becoming scarce, access to vital resources is becoming increasingly complex and a source of tension.

To meet these challenges, Veolia has been developing sustainable solutions for 160 years to provide, to the maximum extent possible, the resources necessary for the well-being of populations, the attractiveness of regions and the performance of businesses. With increasing pressure on resources, it is our shared responsibility to conserve and protect resources. Less consumed, better used and less degraded resources will suffice as new resources for the future.

Veolia therefore develops innovative and sustainable solutions to extract exactly the useful resource in the right place, at the right time and with the right process, while respecting the balance of ecosystems to ensure future extractions.

At our Kundl and Schaftenau sites, we are responsible for the operation, maintenance and project planning of energy supply and wastewater disposal facilities for a large pharmaceutical company. Working for Veolia means working for a company whose success is based on technical excellence and the quality of its employees.


  • Emmanuelle Danichert-Zanters
    CEO Alpine Region and Business Development
  • Michele Logrippo
    COO Alpine Cluster
  • Severine Cabon
    Head Operations

    Our daily challenge is to help our clients ensuring business continuity via a secure and quality supply of utilities. We do this by working over the process life cycle to continuously improve waste, water and energy management and in particular identify and recover additional resources.

  • Corina Wallensteiner
    Head HR Austria and Slovenia
  • Klaus Ebner
    Site Head & Business Development

    Our main statement "We are Ressourcers" is my main focus also for our daily business: To help our clients to be flexible and cost effcient by using the ressources in the right way.

  • Marcin Tomaszewski
    Head QHSE
  • Gregor Schönbichler
    Head Finance
  • Doris Wall
    Head Energy & Utilities

    Resourcing the word in an efficient, sustainable and energy saving way within a motivating team – that’s what matters, that’s what I can identify with 100%, that’s Veolia.

  • Josef Milchrahm
    Head Engineering
  • Stefan Geisler
    Head Central Technical Services

    We see ourselves as a centre of excellence, which is characterised by special equipment, machines and highly trained employees. This enables us to offer excellent and high-quality solutions even in a strictly regulated environment.

  • Thomas Baumgartner
    Head Project Engineering

    The best part about this job is having different challenges and solving problems every day. We have an outstanding team who support each other and fullfill the balancing due to financial, environmental and social costs, risk, quality of service and performance related to assets.